Rotary Club of Rapid City

PO Box 284, Rapid City, South Dakota 57709

Club No. 1459, District 5610

Speaker chairs assigned

   Speaker chairs are signed up as follows for the remaining month of this year. Please sign up to chair monthly programs for the next Rotary year.
June - John Sundby
July - Fred Whiting
August - Erwin Reiman
September - 
October - Keryn Rowland
November - Dave Mickley
December - Chuck Hollis
January - Chris LaCroix
February - Larry Lytle
March - Ruth Brennan
April - Kathy Sundby
May - Kathy Lloyd
June - Donna Arnault and Jim LeMar
July - Jeri Rydstrom
Please submit a list of your speakers for these months by the last week of the month, for listing on the website and publishing to the members, through the club bulletin. If you have speaker suggestions, please contact the above, or Club President.